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Our Human Family

Greetings from LaUna to all Triangles members,
Your reasons for joining Triangles are inspiring, and they are beautifully related with others' reasons. By posting your motivation to join Triangles and reading others' motives, you realize how closely related we are from the mind and heart. Cultural differences notwithstanding, when 600 triangles are created from 37 countries to work together for the benefit of humanity for similar reasons, it brings new hope for the world to move more smoothly through its crises of transformation.

The Power of Three

Have you realized the power of our  invocations! When we link with our Triangle partners and see the three of us standing in the light, a wave of light immediately streams to each one.
When I experience a wave of light, and can think of no special reason, I know that as one of my triangle partners lighted up our triangle and began the Great Invocation, that all of us in that triangle received a wave of light. This effect happens because we have to draw the "light of God" into our triangles before we can send it out to humanity.