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Love Streaming into All the Hearts

Have you noticed that when you pause in the second verse of The Great Invocation and visualize "love streaming into the human hearts" that a powerful energy fills your heart. It then seems to rise up to the head and create a sun in the head.
For many of us, pausing to visualize between each verse is magnetic, drawing this vibrant energy of love into the Triangles network. Once we have absorbed this energy, we can send it joyfully to all the people in our world.

The Great Silence

Just knowing that there are those around the world who serve mankind through unconditional love, holding the balance for the rest us through their continued work, most often in the Great Silence, is a boost of light and love and energy to every single being on this beautiful planet of ours. We are in a time of great transformation and when we all focus our light toward one simple goal, the upliftment of all mankind, with love and joy, the world is soon to take it's place in the crowning glory of our Beloved Creator.
Triangles comment from Lynne in California.

The Sun turns back toward the earth

Your work in Triangles identifies you as a Messenger of Light!  The light available to you starts brightening on December 21 at the moment of the Winter Solstice. This is a time of celebration!
Every seven years another event occurs December 21-28, called the Festival of the New Group of World Servers. We recognize these servers by their dedication to lift and aid humanity. Its members are not listed in some organization. They are from every creed, religion, and belief working in the field of education, science, psychology, politics, finance,

Let's Create A Great Future

Our creative imagination enables us to visualize effectively. When we use our imagination to create positive visions and pictures for humanity and for the world itself, a thought-form begin to take form that circulates widely.

As you watch the video or listen to the new audio of the Great Invocation or say another world prayer,  pause for a moment, ideas may come to mind. Send your comments, with your state or country, with or without your name.