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Divine Will creates a Better World

"From the center where the Will of God is known, let purpose guide the little wills of men--" Every time we say this verse of the Great Invocation, we are distributing the thought that there is a higher will than our personal wills (which are intrinsically self-centered and self-serving). We are projecting a picture of humanity (including ourselves) linking with a higher Purpose guiding all our lives. When even one tenth of humanity is directed by divine will, we will see great changes for good all over the world. Universal freedom for all

When Power Streams In

 The third verse of the Great Invocation invokes White Magic. Only the soul can perform this magic that is the spiritual use of sound and light for the creation of forms which serve the greater good of all beings. Knowing that we are all souls and that we have the Great Invocation, we can all perform magic. This ability is determined by our ability to sound The Great Invocation with selfless compassion.
If you would like for your Triangle work to be the most effective in adding light to the minds of humanity, use the original version of

Light Is Streaming In

Welcome to all the new Triangles!
When we ask for light to stream into all the human minds, that light first streams through us and then out to others. We think more clearly! We make wise choices, and set new priorities. 
When thousands of Triangles share the same vision to invoke Light streaming into

The Power of Your Visual Pictures

Welcome to the new Triangles and thank you for the light you are adding to the Triangles network for spiritual energies to lift and aid humanity. Each time you say the Great Invocation with heartfelt intent, a colorful stream of energy is distributed to humanity.
Every thought aligned with divine light, love, and will, encourages cooperation and goodwill in your life, in worldwide governments,