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An Open Invitation Triangles Message

Greetings to Triangles, Several Triangles have an open space today. If you would like to join more Triangles, check "Join Triangles" on our home page. Members live in many different countries. All are working to bring more light to the world and will welcome you. After linking with each member in your Triangles, you need only say the Great Invocation once each time you light up even if you are in ten triangles. With all blessings, Your Triangle Hosts

Healing in Triangles of Light

 Triangles activitiy is healing. Light, love and power stream outward in every direction each time one of us "lights up" the Great Invocation through thought or voice. "Let love stream forth into human hearts" draws forth divine love which flows into all Triangles workers and then streams to humanity. This love heals memories, fears, and anxieties, bringing forth a sense of "being one" with others. The effect is healing on every level-- mental, emotional, and physical.. 

Spiritual Festival of Humanity

Dear Triangle Friends Working to Lift and Aid Humanity,

The Goodwill Festival of Humanity is Sunday, June 7, 2009. We are entering one of the greatest opportunities of the year to distribute light and love and power to humanity through a meditative focus with the Great Invocation.

This solar festival is the time of highest spiritual inspiration when the forces of enlightenment and reconstruction are
available upon our planet. As we align with and open to this inflow of energy, we receive illumination for the work
to be done.

Spiritual Effects of Intention

Fall Greetings, fellow Triangles workers!
Have you noticed the difference in the effects of your Triangle work when you go to the heart center to call the names of your Triangle members -- and include your name as well? It is the heart center that binds a group into the unity of purpose and strength that makes that group effective.
 The following four thoughts may call forth some of your own thoughts. You can reply to this blog as often as you wish!

Your Triangles Visualizations

Triangles of Light are working from many different countries and different religions, yet you share the desire to invoke the light and love and power of the Great Invocation or other world prayer for humanity. It is your love for humanity that makes Triangles a force for light. Your visualizations are creative and useful for the world and for all of us. Please briefly describe how you are using Triangles to lift humanity.