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Changes happen? What have you noticed?

Many of you have described very interesting changes since you joined Triangles and began to say the Great Invocation as you linked with your Triangle and the interlaced energy of thousands of Triangles. We are one unit in this world service activity and almost 1000 triangles have been created since this site went up. The Great Invocation is sounded frequently in more than 80 languages. It is a powerful ancient mantra only given to humanity in 1945.

Building a Bettter World

The Great Invocation is one of the most powerful mantras today. Every time we say it as a triangle, we bring these energies first into our lives. This light, love, and power then merges with the entire Triangles network and out to individuals and groups who need help in every country.

As light streams forth, love streams forth, and spiritual power streams forth from each Triangle when the Great Invocation is intoned in any language, these lighted streams of energy are bringing hope to people all over the world.

Spiritual Effects of Intention

Have you noticed the effect of Triangles when you work from a clear intention to lift and aid others? The set intention to serve humanity draws forth illumination from spirit that reveals the vision that lies ahead.
1. If you call your Triangle/s names after linking with the light of heart and soul, the energy increases. The heart center brings unity and the soul brings spiritual power.

Invoking Divine Will Creates Change

"From the center where the Will of God is known, let purpose guide the little wills of men--" Every time we say this line of the Great Invocation, we are projecting a picture of humanity linking with higher Will. With Triangles workers distributing the idea of divine will over the world, positive changes will take place. The quality of cooperation and trust will be created between the people and between the nations.