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Why Use The Great Invocation?

Welcome Triangles Participants,
Why Light Up? To create a magnetic triangles. Why Invite Others?  To increase magnetic healing
Those who use the Great Invocation daily are transformed in every area of the mind and soul. When all three members in a triangle are sounding this invocation daily, that triangle becomes magnetic. Imagine the power for world healing of thousands of interlaced Triangles!  When you introduce co-workers on Facebook and other social media to Triangles, even greater illumination is possible.

WESAK -- Powerful Day for Illumination

Your work in Triangles is especially important now. After the great Easter Festival, another great blessing is coming May 5 and 6. -- called Wesak (the Buddha and the Christ join together to bless humanity.) Every cell of your mind, emotions, and physical body can receive illumination during Wesak. Prepare now to receive this great spiritual wave of illumination and love. With all world Triangles interlaced, this powerful blessing can reach hundreds of millions of people. Please join in meditation with the Great Invocation several times a day for five days before and after May 5.

Invoking the Finest Light for Humanity

This one unit of the Global Network of Triangles alone has invoked light, love, and power to restore the plan on earth more than 100,000 times in the past two years. Add the invocations (in more than 80 languages) of other Triangles units worldwide, and imagine the magnificent ball of divine light illuminating the minds and hearts of humanity.
Search for the inner light within others and speak to that part of them. Your directed words and thoughts will encourage and inspire.

The Increasing Power of Triangles

Thank you for sharing with friends who want to link with finer frequencies of light -- and create a bridge of light for a better world. The power of three is far greater than the power of one and the power of thousands of triangles interacting with the vision of peace, goodwill, and cooperation around the world, is tremendous.

When Light Streams In

Welcome to all the new Triangles workers!
When thousands of Triangles invoke Light, electromagnetic energy streams into the minds of the world.
Many Triangles members have observed the effects of this Light streaming into their own minds