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Changes happen? What have you noticed?

Many of you have described very interesting changes since you joined Triangles and began to say the Great Invocation as you linked with your Triangle and the interlaced energy of thousands of Triangles. We are one unit in this world service activity and almost 1000 triangles have been created since this site went up. The Great Invocation is sounded frequently in more than 80 languages. It is a powerful ancient mantra only given to humanity in 1945.
The Great Invocation stimulates the mind and heart with finer light. Many notice a clearer mind, a new vision for their lives, and a deeper capacity to love humanity. Some describe reaching out to others more frequently. Or simply more vitalized and energetic. Compassion often expands from family and friends to wider groups of people.
If you notice some shifts in mind or heart, please share these with Triangles. Your experience may lift someone who is going through a difficult cycle.