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About Triangles

Triangles is simple, yet of deep spiritual significance.

Triangles is an activity in which a network of light and goodwill covering the entire planet is created and maintained.

The triangle is a basic geometric figure, spiritually symbolic of the essential Trinity of the Godhead. Three people work as a group and provide three linked points of light through which spiritual energy circulates.

Each new Triangle adds to this network of light streaming to humanity.

Triangles are interlocking channels of spiritual energies of light and goodwill.

The network of Triangles is worldwide with interlaced triangles covering the entire planet.

How is the network built?

This network is built of strands of lighted mental substance through which the energy of goodwill flows.

The network is built and maintained by the daily action of each Triangles worker invoking spiritual energies and using the creative power of the mind.

How is the work done?

Individuals link in thought and purpose with the other two members of their triangle, or triangles, visualizing the vital energies of light and goodwill circulating from point to point. They then direct the flow of energy into the network, clearly visualizing the radiant worldwide network of triangles, of which their own triangle is a part. They then sound the Great Invocation with concentration and intention.

Why use the Invocation?

The use of the Great Invocation focuses and releases the spiritual energies which vitalize the whole network.

What is the purpose of joining Triangles?

The purpose is to serve the world need of humanity, not for any personal benefit. This is a powerful world service.

How does the network increase (1) in quantity, (2) in quality?

It is the responsibility of each Triangles worker to interest others of goodwill to form new triangles. This is how the network expands and grows in strength.

The magnetic and radiant potency of the Triangles network depends upon the spiritual contribution of each individual triangle to the whole, which in turn depends upon the daily action of each Triangles worker.

How is each triangle activated?

Triangles workers keep in touch with each other every few months by letter, personal contact or email to ensure that their triangle is active as a functioning unit within the network. Your individual light ups onine show the other members that you are actively adding to the strength of your triangle.

Who is eligible for membership?

Iintelligent men and women of goodwill everywhere in the world without distinction of race, religion, creed, caste or color, are joining to serve within the Triangles network.

Is Triangles a religious movement?

Triangles is not connected with, or confined to, any of the great world religions or organizations. This is a universal spiritual project which includes men and women of all faiths and those of no particular faith or philosophical belief.

The Triangles Network covers the globe, reaching every metropolitan area and village.

The Great Invocation is being said daily in 80 languages as members light up their Triangles.

Triangles work is an act of service to humanity. Triangles workers participate in a spirit of co-operation and selfless service.

The Triangles network increases the flow of light and goodwill all over the world.

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