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The Power of Visualizing

When we work in Triangles to invoke Light, Love and Power for Humanity we are far more effective than any one of us meditating alone.

The power of our focused thought builds channels of light that reach over the world. By saying the Great Invocation (each day if possible) spiritual energies stream through your triangle and into all the triangles that are actively working for a better world.The triangles web of golden light adds to the golden web of light that radiates all life on this planet.

The basic law of this planet is freedom of the human soul. Triangles work seeks to help transform our war-like planet into a place of peace, joy and freedom.

Each triangle is adding to this powerful channel for spiritual forces to flow into the minds and hearts of humanity. Once there are enough Triangles, humanity's self centeredness will shift to trust and cooperation between people and between nations. When three-fifths of humanity is reaching toward the path of light, using their minds and hearts to transform our planet into a sacred planet radiating with light as it spins through the Solar system.

1. Visualize humanity interacting with intelligent love and goodwill, individually and in world groups, such as government, education, religion, finance, healing, and scientific groups.

2. Vividly imagine thousands upon thousands of interlaced Triangles worldwide invoking light, love, and power for all humanity.

3. Visualize Triangles' heart-centered, head-centered invocations stimulating right human relations worldwide.