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Why Use The Great Invocation?

Welcome Triangles Participants,
Why Light Up? To create a magnetic triangles. Why Invite Others?  To increase magnetic healing
Those who use the Great Invocation daily are transformed in every area of the mind and soul. When all three members in a triangle are sounding this invocation daily, that triangle becomes magnetic. Imagine the power for world healing of thousands of interlaced Triangles!  When you introduce co-workers on Facebook and other social media to Triangles, even greater illumination is possible.
Remember to light up your triangle online each time you activate it using the Great Invocation -- several times a day or just 3 times a week. This way your triangle partners realize you are working with them to create a magnetic triangle. 
If you are using the alternative version of this invocation, try the original version. It is more esoteric. The message of both versions distributes light, love, and power for all humanity. You can choose either version from your edit page (use your password). On your edit page, ask for your triangle members names and emails to be sent to you. If you do not remember your password, send a message to "contact us".