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The Power of Three

Have you realized the power of our  invocations! When we link with our Triangle partners and see the three of us standing in the light, a wave of light immediately streams to each one.
When I experience a wave of light, and can think of no special reason, I know that as one of my triangle partners lighted up our triangle and began the Great Invocation, that all of us in that triangle received a wave of light. This effect happens because we have to draw the "light of God" into our triangles before we can send it out to humanity.
Have you ever noticed this expeience? Consider the possibility and observe moments this week of seeing the world around you from a brighter light.
Write a comment that will be helpful to everyone. We live in 40 countries, and we share the belief that invocation helps create a better world. A profound level of compassion motivates us to do all we can to bring greater light and love for all the people.
P.S. When you write, rather than address your note to one or two people, write to the whole triangles community. Sign your real name and your state or country, or leave your comments unsigned if you prefer. No email addresses or websites please.