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The Increasing Power of Triangles

Thank you for sharing with friends who want to link with finer frequencies of light -- and create a bridge of light for a better world. The power of three is far greater than the power of one and the power of thousands of triangles interacting with the vision of peace, goodwill, and cooperation around the world, is tremendous.
Some of you have sent out the healing power of the Great Invocation more than 9,000 times since we reset all Triangles to zero two years ago. Almost all Triangles are showing activity. By lighting up your "point of light" online when you send out the energy of the Great Invocation, your partners can see that you are with them.
You can go to your edit page and change the "alternative" version to the original words. You can request the names and emails of your Triangle members also on your edit page. You can light up several times at a time to cover each time you have brightened your triangle/s with this world prayer or another one.
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